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Hello all,

I am Sergej Schwabauer and I am a Software Architect from Germany.

I have been developing on Microsoft technologies for more than 12 years, especially in SharePoint / Microsoft 365.

With this blog, I want to share my knowledge with you and also improve my English skills. The posts are not only about SPFx (SharePoint Framework) but also about tips & tricks around the M365 world & developments of all kinds. The posts are about TypeScript, C#, Node.js, Vue.js, Visual Studio/ VS Code, Quasar, PowerShell, and much more.

I hope you will find some interesting posts. I would also be happy if you follow me.

Greetings from Germany

Sergej / $€®¥09@

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Using pnpm in SPFx projects

Feb 9, 2023Typically, an SPFx Project is scaffolded via yo and using the yo @microsoft/sharepoint command. By default, all required node packages are installed using npm as the package manager. But you can also use other package managers like yarn or pnpm. I do...

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