New version of password vault webpart was released

New version of password vault webpart was released

Almost a year ago I released my "Simple password vault" webpart. Actually, it was only meant for a single username and password. If it should be more, you could have used the notes field. After I presented it once in the PnP community call, I also promised to release a new version with more features.

In the new version, it should be possible to store as many usernames, passwords and notes as you want. I finally got around to adding these features. I decided to make it dynamic, in a similar "look and feel" as in SharePoint Standard, when you want to place a new webpart. It appears this "+" symbol when you hover with the mouse.

Add new Module "+" symbol

And then you can add a new module. There are modules for username, password and also notes. Once modules are placed, you can sort or remove them.

The web part now looks like this (in edit mode):

New UI of edit mode

I have also made a few design adjustments/optimizations. Also, for safety, the master password must be entered twice. And I have updated the solution to SPFx 1.16.1

In the "backend", the logic has changed a bit because of the modules. But I made sure that you can update from version 1.0.0 to the new version 1.1.0 without any problems. Without data loss but with the same functionality as in the new version. Even with the changes, the values are still encrypted.

I hope you like my new webpart. You can download it here

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