How to get all existing SharePoint site collection app catalogs

How to get all existing SharePoint site collection app catalogs

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·Nov 5, 2021·

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The launch of the app catalog at the site collection level was a very good decision and brings a lot of benefits. If you want to deploy an app catalog to a site collection, a tenant app catalog must exist. Then you can deploy a new app catalog to a site collection using the following PowerShell command:

Connect-SPOService -Url https://{tenant} -Credential {admin-email-address}

Add-SPOSiteCollectionAppCatalog -Site https://{tenant}{sitecollectionurl}

For an administrator, it is of course very interesting on which sites an app catalog already exists. Without having a specific request, I recently came across an interesting and hidden list that is located in the Tenant App Catalog.

The URL to this hidden list is /Lists/SiteCollectionAppCatalogs/. So e.g. https://{tenant}{tenant-app-catalog-site}/Lists/SiteCollectionAppCatalogs/AllItems.aspx

Listview of all site collection urls with app catalog

The problem with this list is that it is not updated. That means deleted sites or sites where the URL has been changed are NOT updated/deleted in the list. Not well thought out by Microsoft.

I hope this information helps you as well.

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